Lifeline Protocol

$FOUR (4) Is A Stellar chain And Binance Smart Chain Based Token

BSC Token Contract address: 0xfd4A5911389DfC95B38f427866Dc95531204fe90



$FOUR(4) Token Is Stellar Chain And Binance Smart Chain Based Native Tokens On Lifeline Protocol And They Are Used For Rewarding The Users For Their Questions And Answers.

Our Goal Is To Be A User-Friendly Exchange With High Gas Performance, Censorship Resistance, And Zero Rent Extraction. It is Beneficial To Traders And Works Especially Well As A Module Of Other Smart Contracts That Need On-Chain Liquidity Assurance.

We have multiple projects that will benefit our holders, including NFT Marketplace Open, Staking, Dex Swap Launch, Wallet Launch,

Ico Launchpad, Cex Exchange Launch, and Launch of Sub-Projects and also Airdrop, Giveway to our committed community members.

What Is The Purpose Of The Lifeline Protocol?

The purpose of lifeline protocol is to help helpless and distressed people’s.

Such as those infected with Covid19 (Used for 10% of total tokens).

For this, we will work with the Binance charity Fund in the future.

Also, rewards will be given for questions and answers on Twitter and Telegram community members. Our aim is to provide free income to everyone.


Stellar Chain Token:

Token Name: FOUR

Token Code: 4

Token Domain:

Total Supply: 1.5 Billion $FOUR (4)


Binance Smart Chain Token:

Token Name: Lifeline Protocol

Symbol: FOUR (4)

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 500 Million $FOUR (4)

Contract Address: 0xfd4a5911389dfc95b38f427866dc95531204fe90

Allocation of funds

-> 30%- Reserved Funding

-> 15%- Founders and Team

-> 10%- Bounty Camping

-> 45%- Distribute to community

Distribute Allocation

-> 60%- Holder offer

-> 20%- Airdrop payment

-> 12%-Twitter/Telegram Giveaway

-> 8%- Advertising


Phase 1

Token Creation √

• Dex exchange Listing √

• Airdrop Round 1 Launch √

• Giveway Twitter/Telegram √

• Wallet Holder Offer √

• Website Launch √

• Airdrop Round 1 Payment Distibution √

Phase 2

• 10000 Trustlines √

• 5000 Token Holders √

• BSC Network Entry √

• Airdrop Round 2 Launch √

• Add Liquidity √

• Coinmarket Cap Listing

• Coingecko Listing √

• 20M$ Market Cap √

• Airdrop Round 2 Payment Distribution √

Phase 3

• Cex Exchange Listing

• NFT Marketplace Open

• 50M$ Market Cap

• First Third-Party Audit

• Issuer Account Lock

• Token Burn Preparing

Phase 4

• Road To Binance (Preparing strategy to list within 1 year)

• YouTube Marketing Push

• Launches On Social Media Platforms

• Whitepaper Launch

• Token Burning Phase 1

Phase 5

• FOUR(4) Staking

• Dex Swap Launch

• 100M$ Market Cap

• Second Third-Party Audit

• Token Burning Phase 2

Phase 6

More Exchange Listing

. Collaborate With Charities

• 100000 Holders

• Wallet Launch

• 500M$ Market Cap

• Token Burning Phase 3

Phase 7

Ico Launchpad

• Third Audit

• Profit and Fee Distribution

• Binance Exchange Listing

• Sub-Projects Launch and Airdrop

• Cex Exchange Launch.